Rift Reporter Headcanon Sheet

A comprehensive information sheet about the Rift Reporter, Firinne Lorgaln (updated as necessary)

Physical Attributes

* Firinne Lorgaln is 22 years of age.

* The reporter has been gifted with a photographic memory. Although while recounting the details of information, Firinne is not able to easily comprehend everything, he writes things down in a small notepad that he carries around with him, so as to process information that he recalls, and better organize his thoughts.


* Tea is always welcome.


Doran’s Necklace
… Gives to the wearer 3% spell-vamp.

Facts & Previous History

* Firinne Lorgaln was born some time in early 3 CLE. There are no known records of his mother or father.

* He was abandoned in his childhood, arriving on the doorstep of a Noxian orphanage. Despite being found in Noxus, the clothes he wore when brought in seemed to be of Demacian make.

* Firinne retains no memories of his life before 13 CLE. [Trial for the Isle.]

* Around 17 CLE, Firinne began to display the ability to manipulate mana, possibly showing an aptitude for magecraft.

* In January of 18 CLE, Firinne began compulsory service in Noxus’ military, drafted early due to his budding powers of sorcery.

* Firinne underwent a curriculum of basic magic, but despite his previous showings, fails most rudimentary tasks of a thaumaturgist; is unable to call upon the elements for basic black magic & offensive sorcery such as conjuring fire. He also shows an inability to understand conceptual magic at its very basis as taught by top combat sorcerer specialists at Noxian Bleak Academy.

* However, he passed the physical exams, showing competence at unarmed and bladed combat, preferring one-handed swords, and often sparred against multiples of men, rather than dueling.

* In October, 19 CLE, Firinne went on an excursion as he was invited to the Institute of War to try his hand at summoning. While able to forge a connection to a champion, Firinne was unable to progress.

* Firinne was involved with events surrounding Ionia’s rematch against Noxus, after which his standing as a Noxian citizen was revoked, and was dishonorably discharged from military service.

*Through a chance meeting with one of their reporters, Firinne apprenticed himself to the Journal of Justice.

* He began working at his current employment on April 22nd, 25 CLE.


The Codex

A listing of canonical services, places, & products, and official interactions and consequences within Firinne’s version of Runeterra.


NoxBox / Demacicast
… First generation Hextech home gaming console devices. Expensive as all hell and the pinnacle of hextech technology, these machines are looking to start a new trend in home entertainment. Most games are barely disguised propaganda pitches, but people still seem to enjoy them. There’s also the odd third-party game that makes its way in. Demacians and Noxians occasionally get into fights about who has the superior system, but there isn’t much of a difference between the two aside from system exclusives.



Bilgewater Beer Incorporated

Bilgewater Beer

Kumungu Koffee

Freijord Brewery Union


… Zilean and Ekko’s premature-death life insurance agency. For a large down payment of gold (exact amount determined by social class, job, and yearly salary) with additional payments of a small percentage of that initial payment per month, clients will be instantly brought back to life in the case that they meet an untimely end. The amount of healing depends on the insurance plan.


Lissandra [@thepickaxehead]
… During his travels he had read much of the Ice Witch, but talking to her is a whole different beast. The reporter is well-aware of propaganda, slander, over-exaggeration, and the like, so he’s curious if what he’s heard is true – and if it is true, how did Lissandra feel about it? Initially on his guard around her, the journalist has, through their interactions, warmed up to the Iceborn. Though still unsure of the kind of person the Frostguard Queen really is, he casually converses with her on a daily basis.

Relationship Status
Rage Vitriol Hatred Dislike
Borderline Strained Conservative Distant
Neutral Good Great Replete
Smitten Intimate Love Lust

Firinne is rather fond of Lissandra, and would like to spend time with her more often.

Zyra [@HarmlessFIower]
… After an introduction, the Rise of the Thorns toyed with the reporter, keeping him restrained for a long length of time. On the next occasion, she poisoned him with toxins, giving him a high fever that could only be mended with hemomancy. Needless to say, Firinne isn’t quite happy to see Zyra around, although being able to keep an eye on the her is better than not seeing her at all.

Relationship Status
Rage Vitriol Hatred Dislike
Borderline Strained Conservative Distant
Neutral Good Great Replete
Smitten Intimate Love Lust

Firinne isn’t likely to be chatting Zyra up willingly, but he can make small talk (generally when necessary).


* Believes yelling is a cultural norm & geographic necessity for monks (@League_Udyr)


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