The Hour-Long Shower

The Hour-Long Shower


Today your mother walks in unannounced, asks about your feelings and leaves abruptly after reiterating various health problems that prevent her from continuing to listen to you any longer, yet, takes the time to talk about the things that you don’t want to hear for some amount of time after half an hour after the ten minutes she was in your room saying she was only going to take a moment to open the window because ‘you can’t leave the fan on when the door’s closed or else you’ll suffocate and die’.

You tell her to leave because it’s been some amount of time after half an hour after the ten minutes she was in your room saying she was only going to take a moment when in the middle of your statement she gives you a stern look and demands that you stop treating her in that way because she is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment and you don’t talk to your mother like that if she’s currently undergoing breast cancer treatment.

You point out that she’s overstayed her welcome because she walked in unannounced when you were minding your own business, but obviously that’s irrelevant.

You then get up to leave the house because you are a grown adult and you have had enough, damnit, but your mother shrieks that you should stay because it’s almost ten o’clock and you could potentially be kidnapped and/or maimed/raped/killed/’accidentally be hit by a car because you’re wearing a black tee shirt and it’s hard to see the color black when it’s night-time so you shouldn’t go outside’; you remind her that you are a grown adult and you demand to be treated as such.

Your request is denied.

Your father – sorry, your step-father takes a moment to look up at you and you reciprocate the gesture before he starts to remind you that you are over the age of eighteen and as such you are a guest in your parents’ house, and you will listen to whatever it is that your mother has to say or whatever she’s going on about again because you have it good here and there is no other job that is tax-free and will give you room and board for free and ‘you have everything here and nothing to complain about, so pipe down kiddo; I was out of the house and paying for myself at seventeen.’

You avert your gaze and decide that it’s time to take a lengthy bathroom break because aside from the master bedroom, the bathroom is the only door with a lock. Your parents ‘adjusted’ your door a few years ago because you can’t have privacy and it’s their house.

The shower water is hot and it feels good. The water also helps muffle the sound of your mother and father – sorry, step-father, but it doesn’t completely block them out so you take a bubble bath and soak yourself up to your ears in water. You think you hear your mother asking to come in because she needs to use the toilet but you tell her that you’re naked and you’ll only be a moment.

Fifty minutes into your bathroom break, after looking at your hands and how prune-y they’ve become, you resolve to drain the water and take a shower for ten minutes. And goddamn, you take the best shower you’ve had in all of since the last time this happened.

You didn’t even have to use the toilet.

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