the quiet

the quiet (9.9.2015)


Awakened to the sound of hollow glory,
Yet again I imagine false fame;
for me there is no other that ignites
that crimson-red blood
boring straight into the yester/morrow of my brain
games are the only thing that keep my interest now. It’s —
pathetic, I know; the, taste of chocolate tells me
so maybe
today can be a different day

… but, say
How about another?
He easily reaches into the bag and, then takes out a brown piece of empty gluttony,
rolls it between fingers and, tasting sweet, transient satisfaction, continues to the biting, the chewing,
the, realization
another day has passed and the past is catching up with me

Forget about it.
After the meal,
sink deep into warm covers.
After the time’s
spent wasted with others.
After the grease
coalesces with soiled skin,
forget about it.
All other things can be forgotten until the moment
I awaken to the gray again.
the glow of my laptop, the whir of a fan, the call of the moon

Soon the day’s ended, yet, another night’s beginning
Amidst the dull quiet I took a breath past breaking
and maybe
tomorrow will be a different day

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